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Did Megan Mullally just confirm a Will & Grace Broadway musical?

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Could we be seeing Will & Grace on broadway? | Photo: NBC

Megan Mullally has teased a Will & Grace musical of the beloved series, live on UK TV talk show Lorraine today.

The stars of the popular US sitcom appeared on the show discussing their return to TV after the 11-year hiatus.

Mullally who plays the outspoken Karen Walker on the show spilled that there could possibly be a Broadway show version.

The news slipped when Lorraine asked about the possibility of the series having a big screen adaption. But star Eric McCormack, who plays Will Truman, insisted ‘they wouldn’t dare.’

But the show stars say we might get a musical instead.

Eric told the show movies of TV shows don’t work:

‘Our show, being a four-camera sitcom with the audience, the time we shoot scenes without that it doesn’t feel right.

However Mullally followed this up by saying ‘I think there could be a Will & Grace musical’, which left all the cast nodding in agreement.

Mullaly has already appeared on Broadway in both Young Frankenstein and Grease.

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Celebrating their reunion

The stars are beyond pleased with the reunion and return of the show. Eric says:

‘We hadn’t been in the same room, the four of us, for 10 years’. While Sean Hayes, who plays Jack McFarland, admitted: ‘It feels better. The writers are self-aware and make the characters self-aware and the fans love that.’

While Debra Messing, who plays Grace Adler, says: ‘We’ve had all this time away and been able to appreciate it in. It’s a freedom we all have, we’re getting away with something now that we get to come back.’

Mullaly also spoke about how the show remains beautiful for this reason:

‘This show is about friendship, a show about being gay, it’s about unlikely friendship… And in real life, we’ve all known each other and been friends since then.’

Last week she also gave her take on why Will & Grace writers chose to ignore the season eight finale before its revival last year.

Speaking at a press conference in London, the actress said: ‘What they were struggling with was the fact that if Will and Grace have children, they have to pay a lot of attention to the children or they’re horrible parents.

‘They didn’t really want Will and Grace to have to be parenting. So they just decided to pretend the finale never happened.’

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