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Drag Race star Asia O’Hara was nearly burned to death when they were 11

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Asia O’Hara stars on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10

Drag Race season 10 star Asia O’Hara has revealed they were nearly burned to death when they were 11 years old.

Real name Antwan Lee, one of the finalists of the current season has revealed a traumatic experience in their childhood.

Fans had wondered what had happened to Asia after her social media ‘went dark’.

Asia O’Hara reveals heartbreaking childhood story

She wrote: ‘Some of you may have noticed a shift in my existence, and I feel I owe everyone a heartfelt explanation.

‘One midsummer night, when I was 11 years old, a group of older neighborhood kids attempted to set me on fire after noticing my flamboyance and vibrance.

‘If it wasn’t for a passer-by that intervened, I might not be writing this today.

‘For the next seven years those same faces threatened that the first chance they had, they would complete their task.

‘Since that night I’ve grown to what I thought was a strong, resilient person. I left that night and those faces behind me, never telling a soul.

‘A few short days ago I was again threatened to be burned alive. This time not not because of my flamboyance, my vibrance, but because of the color of my skin. That strong and resilient person I had become was instantly reduced back to that 11-year-old little boy, terrified of allowing my loved ones to fear for my safety.’

Asia said they believe that social media is ‘powerful’, and it ‘reveals who we are’.

‘For some, it reveals how monstrous our thoughts are, and for others, it reveals that we are just a terrified little boy trying to find our way,’ she said.

‘It is through sharing this story, I’m hoping to regain my strength and my joy. And to again learn to enjoy all of the wonderful things I have in my life.

She added: ‘I’m on my way back to the person I know I can and should be. I’m on my way back to improving the quality of the lives of those around me. ‘

Fans and Drag Race queens respond with outpouring of support

Many fans have responded to the story with an outpouring of love.

Aquaria, a fellow season 10 queen and finalist, said: ‘You are one of the fiercest and strongest people I know. I love you so much and will fight anyone that fucks with you.’

The Vixen, who also starred on season 10, said: ‘So you know I’m not gone rest until you tell me names, Twitter handles, addresses, Church affiliations and social security numbers of anyone dumb enough to come for my sister! Love You!’

Other queens have also brought their support, like season 7 queen Miss Fame and season 2 queen Pandora Boxx.

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