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Eco Tourism Spain: The Remarkable Bark To Bottle Eco Tour

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Only ten tourists visiting Spain get access to this once in a lifetime travel experience. It’s for wanderers who want to travel wider and deeper. Heads up, there is a remarkable, fully guided journey into three less trampled regions of Spain. 

It’s the trip to take when foreign travel isn’t all that foreign anymore. It’s also the tour to take for travelers who aren’t ordinarily tour takers. 

Created by the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance in cooperation with Two Birds One Stone, eco-tourism travel agency, the From Bark To Bottle Eco Tour takes ten people, four times a year, along a magical elevenday cork trail to parts of Spain less visited, yet packed with once in a lifetime experiences. 

Each tour is strictly limited to ten participants to ensure quality touring and minimize the negative environmental aspects of conventional tourism.  

Tour travelers get to discover the biodiversity of cork through forests, extraordinary wine and gastronomy, along with rich, unforgettable access to villages and people who for generations have harvested cork. This is authentic experiential travel at it’s very finest. 

Well known environmentalist, chef, and Director of the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance, Patrick Spencer, said “Our tour takes people to places with experiences that will linger for their lifetime. The ties that bindforests, cork, culture, history and gastronomy in these regions, provides an unparalleled, highly original journey.” 

The tour encompasses three of Spain’s major cork producing forest regions, Extremadura, Andalusia and Catalonia, each with very different topography, cuisine, wine and history. Three UNESCO cities are included on the tour, including Ronda, Caceres and Merida, with guiding to discover the architectural treasures within each town. Tiny hidden villages, mossy forests and craggy coastal cliffs are explored with an emphasis on very fine food, wine and lodging. 

From lunch in a cork forest, visits to artisan cheese makers, legendary jamon producers and an organic olive oil grove/mill, to winery tastings and fresh seafood straight off villager’s fishing boats, it is a feast of epic proportions. Genuine, remarkable farm-to-table experiences are an integral part of this full immersion traveler’s tour. 

Every single component of the FromBark To Bottle Eco Tour is included.  All cuisine, wine, beer, guiding, activities, accommodation and transportation within Spain are provided with care and top-tier professional expertise.  Space is strictly limited to ten participants for each tour. At the time of writing, space for summer 2018 has some availability. Price: 4100.

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