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Feel the love and read 6 cute stories about how girlfriends met

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It is said that Mistress Susan created Girlfriend’s Day in 2004. It was a special day for female friends to ‘express gratitude to one another.’

However people are gay Susan – So we’re celebrating the day by hearing about how these actual girlfriends met each other.

Kat (L) and Robin (R) | Photo: Supplied

‘My girlfriend and I met through friends at uni. But, once we got to know each other I realized in the 1st year of uni I had seen her at a feminist society meeting. I had thought her backpack was so cool – it had cool patches all over it.

‘Then I saw her again on the bus a few months later and she had her hair in space buns and I was like –  oh my god it’s that girl again and her hair is so cute! So then 2 years later we finally met and I realized all of this and I knew we were meant to be, we’ve now been together for 2 years.’ – Robin

Agata and Ana Rose

Agata (L) and Ana Rose (R) | Photo: Supplied

Agata & Ana Rose

‘I initially met my girlfriend through Tumblr about three years ago. We were both fans of similar TV shows and became internet friends. Then we met in person with the help of a mutual friend, and have intermittently met up for birthdays and fan events etc.

‘We never really thought of each other as anything more than just friends, up until about May this year. She got me very invested in a book and TV show called The Terror which is about the least romantic thing imaginable. It’s based on some real events about a lost polar expedition who die of scurvy/exposure/lead poisoning/botulism/cannibalism/are gradually being picked off by a supernatural being. That’s the kind of people we are, apparently.

‘We texted each other a lot about it, to the point where we were sending about 100 texts a day, if not more. And that is when the feelings started. They were cemented by a trip to see a Frankenstein-themed event at UCL at the end of May. We both panicked because “oh my god I really want to kiss her?? What’s happening????”‘

‘We ended up making out in a bar about two weeks later. She called me her girlfriend the very next morning. Two weeks after that we went to Stratford-upon-Avon and recreated some photos we took there a year earlier. But this time with kissing and Gay Feelings (and that’s how we broke the news to our friends!)’ – Agata

Joanna and Spencer

Spencer (L) and Joanna (R) | Photo: Supplied

‘The love story of my girlfriend and I will never cease to make my heart burst – it’s such a love story that I can’t help but put it down to fate.

‘We matched on Tinder over a year ago, when I was still living at home. It’s strange looking back now because my home was far too many miles away from her for us to have been possible matches… weird right? We spoke a little at first but lost touch soon after. We’d followed one another on Instagram, so throughout the year, we’d seen selfies and posts about what each other had been up to.

‘Suddenly in October, a girl follows me on Twitter – it was Spencer! She’d stumbled upon my page having seen me on her timeline and clearly recognized me. She DM’d me and we spoke for days on end (I’m pretty sure we’re still having the same conversation to this day!)

‘It turns out, I had just moved to a university half an hour from her – we were closer than we ever had been! It’s sad to think, had I picked another uni, we may never have met!

‘From there, we never looked back.’ – Joanna

Emily and Amelia

Emily (L) and Amelia (R) | Photo: Supplied

‘I’m from Essex in England, and my girlfriend Amelia is from Philadelphia in the USA. So, people are often confused about how we met.

‘We have our friend Mel to thank. We were all active Twitter users with YouTube channels and she introduced us. Amelia was looking for a place to stay during VidCon 2015, a YouTube convention happening in California that I’d be attending. Ao Mel invited her to have the fourth spot in our hotel room.

‘When Amelia and I met in person that summer, we instantly hit it off. I’d started dating someone back home so romance certainly wasn’t on the cards – however, I knew I’d met someone special. We laughed at all the same things and my heart felt so light and happy around her. Despite the fact that my online impression had been that she was ‘cooler’ than me, from the first day we spent together in LA I felt like I knew her. And couldn’t get enough of her company.

‘As our time together went on, I was aware that Amelia had a romantic crush on me. But, I was committed to someone else. This didn’t matter as we just continued to have pure, great fun together at VidCon, being the biggest dorks dancing around the convention center. I definitely felt like I’d met someone who was supposed to stay in my life.

‘When she left Disneyland to catch her flight back to Philadelphia, it was like part of me was missing.

‘I got to see her just a month later as she was visiting London on holiday and attending the UK YouTube convention, Summer in the City, which I also went to. After those two days though, I had no idea when we’d be in the same country again.

‘We remained good friends whilst residing in cities across the ocean. Amelia and Mel both started attending college in NYC so in October 2016 my newly single self who had a dream of visiting New York booked flights to stay with them the following February.

‘Despite the known spark between us, I didn’t actually expect to leave New York in love. But, as I flew back home after days full of dates and kisses and laughter, I was infatuated, no doubt about it.

‘I never imagined that I’d be in a long distance relationship but even when I was back in Essex, Amelia and I still wanted to be together, so on the 15th March 2017 that’s exactly what we committed to. We’ve been ridiculously happy together ever since – we make our relationship work whilst we’re apart, and make magical memories together when we find ways to see each other. I couldn’t be more grateful to be dating my best friend.’ – Emily

Emily and Amelia

Emily (L) and Amelia (R) | Photo: Supplied

Lizzie & Alice

‘We met via mutual interest in a Geek and Sundry sci-fi RPG show called Vast. Someone started a homebrew game, and we both joined.

‘Then from that, I started another tabletop game which she was in. And we both liked each other but didn’t know if the other was interested.

‘I told her I liked her. She said the same. I said “no I like you more” and she challenged me. So, I blurted it out and she responded with “uh it’s mutual so I win???”

‘And we’ve been happily in love since – two useless bisexuals!’ – Lizzie

Bethan and Andrea

Bethan (L) and Andrea (R) | Photo: Supplied

‘My girlfriend Andrea and I met on Tinder. But, it’s great to tell everyone we met on an underwater firefighting course. Far more exciting.

‘She’s English and I’m Welsh, which makes rugby days interesting. Our first date happened earlier than anticipated. We’d planned for the day after, but both happened to be in town and met up spontaneously.

‘Cut to eight hours later and we were both stumbling down Cardiff’s famous chippy alley, drunkenly scoffing chicken curry off the bone and chips.

‘We were both enjoying being single at the time, but sort of clicked. Almost two years later, we live together with a hamster called Lenny. Don’t ask, she told me she was buying a bonsai tree and when I got home, there he was. And we can still often be found stumbling down Cardiff’s famous chippy alley, drunkenly scoffing chicken curry off the bone and chips.’ – Bethan

Some responses have been edited for clarity.

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