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Gay swans who wanted to be dads captured from lake for this bizarre reason

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The swans are ‘probably in a relationship’ says a wildlife expert | Photo: Pixabay

A pair of gay swans who are ‘probably in a relationship’ have been captured and moved from their home for attacking humans.

The swans were protecting brightly-colored plastic cups that they were treating as eggs.

They were viciously attacking swimmers and passersby who came close to their nest, even leaving one victim with a 10cm gash.

Ultimately, the swans were captured from the lake they called home in the village of Grundlsee in Austria.

They have now been placed in a rescue center for wild animals.

‘We had to act urgently’

Local mayor Franz Steinegge has admitted he considered having the swans euthanized.

‘We had to act urgently,’ said Steinegge. ‘But I simply didn’t have the heart to have the two swans killed by a hunter.’

The couple will later be moved on to a pond in Tyrol, according to local reports. However, it’s unknown whether the cups will be moved too.

Swan expert Alexander Groder confirmed: ‘It’s probably a case of two male swans who are in a relationship.’

Swans are known to often stay with the same mate for life.

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