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Paris rainbow pedestrian crossing vandalized ahead of Pride March

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‘LGBT hors de France’ is the homophobic message written today in Paris | Photo: @lecoqsfestifs Twitter

The colorful pedestrian crossing in Paris has been vandalized last night (25 June) with anti-LGBTI messages.

Located in Marais, the rainbow path took its place next to the regular crosswalk last 14 June.

The rainbow, celebrating Pride Month, was covered in white overnight. Furthermore, a homophobic message stands out on the blacktop.

‘LGBTI get out of France’

A huge ‘LGBT hors de France’ writing (‘LGBT get out of France’) dominates rue des Archives, in the 4th arrondissement.

The heinous message sparked the outrage of Parisians and local and national authorities alike.

Openly gay Deputy Mayor Bruno Julliard tweeted his disappointment at the vandalization.

‘This new act of hatred will only make us fight even harder against all discriminations.’

Secretary of State for Parliamentary Relations Christophe Castaner also tweeted: ‘A disgusting homophobic message took the place where the rainbow used to shine.’

‘Love has always won over hatred. On Saturday, we’re going to be marching together at Marche des Fiertés.’

‘This reminds us why Pride is important’

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo echoed Castaner’s feelings of shock and indignation.

‘This incident reminds us once again why Pride is crucial,’ she tweeted.

The mayor also promised to repaint the rainbow pedestrian promptly. Street cleaners are currently at work to cancel the message.

Paris Pride is happening this Saturday

La Marche des Fiertés will take place this Saturday 30 June. The parade will kick off at 1pm in Place de la Concorde. Then, it will run to Place de la République.

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