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Georgia Passes Comprehensive Adoption Bill; Fight Far From Over

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Last week lawmakers in Georgia passed sweeping reforms to the state’s adoption and foster care code. HB 159 updates the state’s antiquated child welfare laws and does not include any discriminatory language. This “clean” bill, expected to be signed into law by Governor Nathan Deal, will not only impact LGBTQ Georgians, but the over 12,000 children the state’s adoption and foster care system. Equality Federation applauds Georgia Equality and their partners for prioritizing child welfare and advocating for LGBTQ people all across the Peach State!

Unfortunately, there is still work to do.

Extremist Georgia lawmakers have now set their eyes on passing what is nothing less than a license to discriminate. HB 375, would allow taxpayer-funded adoption agencies the right to refuse to work with same-sex couples and LGBTQ youth. This hateful bill is not only incredibly harmful to the LGBTQ community in Georgia, but it could also have a huge economic impact on the state. Atlanta has been named a finalist for Amazon’s HQ2, but state sanctioned discrimination could all but end the state’s bid.

Equality Federation stands with Georgia Equality and the coalition of folks on the ground who are advocating against HB 375. We must protect vulnerable, LGBTQ youth at all costs.

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