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Guys reveal what it’s like to be gay and in a college fraternity

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Guys reveal what gay fraternity life is like. | Photo: Jason Pier in DC / Flickr

Ever wondered what it was like being gay and part of a college fraternity?

One Reddit user took to the social media platform to ask: ‘Any gay frat guys?

‘I’m curious what your experiences have been as a gay Greek? Were you out when you rushed? How has your chapter responded? How has being out shaped your Greek experience?’

A college fraternity is a group of men who attend university and are part of the same house. A rush is a series of social events and gatherings that allow prospective and current fraternity or sorority members to get to know each other. It sometimes involves embarrassing tasks for initiation into the house.

In response to the thread, one guy wrote: ‘I’m a gay trans guy and my house has been nothing but accepting of me.’

Another gay guy replied: ‘Luckily my chapter is super chill and it hasn’t been an issue. But gay guys often think constantly about their sexuality and how they are perceived. But, when I’m with my brothers, I think about it less.’

‘If you cannot handle having a gay brother, you shouldn’t have brothers’

Then straight guys showed their support for their gay and bi frat brothers.

One straight guy wrote: ‘We had a very handsome, jacked gay guy in our chapter – he was straight (no pun intended) up with us from the get-go. In fact, he was my pledge brother too. Everyone treated him the same; he was a good brother, period. That’s all we cared about. That’s the way it should be. In fact, he brought so many girls to our party. Total chick magnet and a great guy,’ he said.

Another guy also wrote: ‘Not gay but my general advice: If you cannot handle having a gay brother, you shouldn’t have brothers.’

And one guy said: ‘Echoing a lot of other comments, I have openly gay brothers and they are just brothers. No one cares, it’s just a part of who they are. If anyone makes comments about their sexuality (which I’ve only seen once) they’re called out.’

And even a gay fraternity president: ‘President of my chapter is gay. He’s a great president and brother and that’s what we care about.’

A video released in 2016 highlights what it’s like for gay fraternity members.

In it, gay guys reveal why they joined, what they experienced and how it shaped them during their time at college.

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