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Li Shang, bisexual warrior, will not appear in the live action version of Mulan

Written by gaytourism

Mulan as Ping (left) and Li Shang in the original animated version of Mulan

Disney fans are disappointed after it was announced that Li Shang will not appear in the live-action remake of Mulan. Li Shang, warrior and army captain, served as Mulan’s love interest in the original.

Many LGBTI Disney fans have had a theory that Li Shang was bisexual, due to how close his relationship was with Mulan’s male alter-ego, Ping.

The replacement

Instead, according to Huffington Post, Mulan’s romantic interest will be Chen Honghui, a character who did not appear in the original film.

According to the casting call notes, Chen Honghui is an army recruit determined to be the ‘best soldier in human history.’ He becomes Mulan’s biggest rival and often bullies her.


Disney fans on Twitter, including @nerdyasians who broke the news of the casting, were incredibly upset by this change. Many noted how important Li Shang was for bisexual representation. Now, he’s being replaced by a misogynistic character who has little respect for Mulan.

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