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Harrison Butker’s Controversial Commencement Speech Gets Criticized by Kansas City LGBTQ Commissioner

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Harrison Butker’s commencement speech at Benedictine College is undoubtedly the hottest topic in the NFL right now. The Chiefs kicker has invited trouble for himself with his thoughts about Women and the LGBTQ community. Not only NFL fans but people all over the world are firing their shots at Harrison.

In his controversial speech, Butker made awful remarks about women’s role in society. Ironically, he quoted Taylor Swift’s lyrics, which angered Swifties. A former journalist, Peter Hamm, took a dig at the NFL star by suggesting the Chiefs replace Butker with a female kicker. The Kansas City’s ex-LGBTQ Commissioner, Justice Horn, entered the scene and questioned Butker’s views and the Chiefs’ silence on the incident.

Justice Horn on Butker’s Speech 

Horn appeared in an interview on TMZ Live. He declared that whatever Butker said about women and the LGBTQ community wasn’t only outdated but harmful as well. Horn added that these kinds of thoughts are neither a part of the mainstream nor should they be. 

The former LGBTQ Commissioner of the Chiefs’ city praised the NFL for taking a stance. The league has clarified that Butker spoke his mind, and it had nothing to do with their goals. But Horn reminded the Chiefs to act regarding Butker’s speech.


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Justice Horn Calls Out Kansas City Chiefs For Staying Quiet

Horn asked the Chiefs to follow in the NFL’s footsteps and make it clear what they stand for. The Chiefs have an End Racism stencil in their end zone, and Horn wants them to show similar support to the LGBTQ community,

Justice Horn urged the reigning Super Bowl Champions to break their silence. He emphasized that it is important for everyone to know where the Chiefs stand on these critical issues. 

Some people have defended Butker, stating his right to free speech. Horn responded that they were comparing apples to oranges. Anyways, if the Chiefs want things to calm down, they need to release an official statement soon.

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