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Here are the 23 best pictures from Amsterdam Pride’s Canal Parade 2018

Written by gaytourism

Here are the best pictures from the Amsterdam Pride’s Canal Parade | All images by Joe Morgan unless stated otherwise

Amsterdam Pride’s Canal Parade is one of the most unique Pride parades in the world.

All on water, 80 boats from the Dutch community take to the water to celebrate Pride.

The theme this year was ‘Heroes’.

This meant superhero costumes, Wonder Woman kissing Catwoman, and many shirtless guys and girls.

Gay Star News was there in the middle of it all, live streaming on Facebook.

Take a look at some of our best pics, as well as a few from Instagram, here:

1. Some took to the skies at Amsterdam Pride


2. While others got dressed…or undressed…


3. One boat remembered the Stonewall Riots in New York City

4. While some were just there to celebrate (check out the David Bowie boat!)

5. Eleni from Eurovision was ‘yeah yeah…fire’ 


6. The theme for Amsterdam Pride was ‘heroes’ 

7. And that included bisexuals, fighting for representation

8. …gay guys enjoying a fun day out


9. …and everyone under the rainbow

10. Some jumped for joy

11. Bianca Del Rio and May Day were there as well

Instagram/Bianca Del Rio

12. The last boat let people know about next year’s World Pride in New York City

13. There was a lot of heart


14. And a lot of body


15. Iranian LGBTIs had their own boat at the parade


16. Everyone sang along to Eurovision classics

17. But most of all people were here to celebrate


18. Do a bit of activism…

19. Kiss 

20. Fight for what they believe in

21. And have a great time


22. So whether you are gay, straight, bi, trans, lesbian, queer or any other sexual or gender identity, Amsterdam Pride was a perfect day to celebrate and commemorate 

23. And to remember why we fight

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