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Here are the best reactions to Troye Sivan’s new pop classic, Bloom

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Bloom is Troye Sivan’s latest song. | Photo: YouTube

Australian pop star, Troye Sivan, has managed to break the internet again with the release of his latest single, Bloom.

Within hours of dropping the track and accompanying animated lyric video, the hashtag Bloom, was trending number one on Twitter globally.

The 22-year-old singer could barely contain his excitement at fans’ reactions, taking to Twitter to celebrate the song’s popularity.

Before releasing the animated lyric video, Sivan had dropped a teaser video for Bloom. In the teaser, Sivan is sitting on the edge of a bed next to a sleeping man. As the man rolls over in his sleep Sivan turns to the camera saying simply, ‘It’s about flowers’.

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The New York Times hailed Sivan as a ‘prototype for tomorrow’s global pop star’ and two previously released singles from his upcoming albums have been streamed millions of times.

Sivan promised fans his new album would drop soon as long as an announcement about an upcoming tour.


3-D and visual artist, Jason Ebeyer, animated the stunning lyric video for Bloom.

From Sivan’s homeland, Australia, Ebeyer said internet subculture, fashion, erotica and technology inspire him. Ebeyer combines elements from different sources to ‘create vivid scenes which are sometimes an explosion of colour and other times dark hallucinogenic dreams’, according to his website.

In the video an animated Sivan floats through an abandoned warehouse full of wild plants.

Bloom would appear to be about a person’s first sexual experience, disguised in beautiful imagery and innuendo.

‘Take a trip into my garden/I’ve got so much to show ya. The fountains and the waters/Are begging just to know ya,’ Sivan sings.

And just before the chorus he sings: ‘Tell me right before it goes down/Promise me you’ll/Hold my hand if I get scared now. Might tell you to/Take a second, baby, slow it down.’

‘You should know I, I bloom just for you,’ he sings in the chorus.

Twitter’s bloomin’ mad for Bloom

Sivan’s new track is blowing up Twitter and here are some of the best reactions to the song, which you can listen to below.

Watch Bloom here:

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