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Here’s what it’s like to be friends with Rihanna, according to Sarah Paulson

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Discussing Rihanna and the Met, naturally | Photo: YouTube/TheEllenShow

Ever wonder what it’s like to be friends with Rihanna? Well, Sarah Paulson has some news for us.

While appearing on The Ellen Show, Paulson talked to Ellen DeGeneres about working with the artists on the upcoming Ocean’s 8.

They first talk about the Met Gala, which is where the movie takes place. Paulson herself has attended for the past two years.

She says she ‘likes to think’ she became friends with Rihanna while filming. ‘It was a daily struggle not to embarass myself,’ she adds. Already checks out.

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She continues: ‘Everytime I looked at her, it was like “work, work, work, work.” A, I’m not a singer, and b, it was just deeply nerdy.’

That’s when Sandra Bullock got involved and told Paulson to dial it down. She then reveals Rihanna’s side-eye really is as epic as it seems.

But hey, Paulson at least says they text — and they hung out at the Met waiting for Madonna to perform.


Suddenly, during the above video, Paulson screams and says: ‘Is someone behind me?’

You see, DeGeneres has a penchant for scaring her guests with peope jumping out at them.

‘I’m really nervous, something horrible is going to happen,’ she explains as DeGeneres can’t help laughing.

DeGeneres reveals she was planning on filling a box with snakes to scare her — but she cares a lot about snakes and worried it’d be stressful for them.

Don’t worry, though, she had something else up her sleeve.

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Just wait for the moment because it’s absolutely worth it.

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