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Honolulu Mayor says US Travel Association is wrong and extends lockdown

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Let’s go there soon, is a new slogan to the traveling public announced today by  the US Travel Association. Hawaii says not so fast and Mayor Kirk Caldwell of Honolulu today extended the second two week lock down supposed to end tomorrow night for another two weeks.

Honolulu Mayor Caldwell in cooperation with Hawaii Governor Ige extended the Stay at Home” order until September 24 with one exception. Residents and visitors are now allowed to go to the parks and beaches, but they have to go alone. One person at a time, and it also counts for families. Single visitors can now enjoy food in parks again.

It was a great setback 12 days ago when Hawaii put in its second “Stay at Home Order” in response to a sudden record outbreack of the virus spread on the island. Before shops, restaurants and malls opened. Hotels planned to open and visitor numbers increased despite the mandatory 2 week quarantine order in place.

Many blamed the military for allowing its members and their families to arrive in the Aloha State in large numbers and not required to qurantine. This was changed on August 11, but it may have been tool late.

From more than 300 new infections a day just 10 days ago, the number was 66 today with 2 dead. Staying home and massive testing had pushed Hawaii from a problem state back on a possible fast track to become again the leader in the United States in preventing the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus.

The stay at home order seems to be working, but the Aloha States number one industry is taking a terrible hit. Waikiki Beach is patrolled by police looking for beach goers, special agents are roaming the hallways of hotels looking for visitors violating quarantine.

All restaurants and bars are closed except for take out. Shops are closed except for supermarkets and Wallmarts. Most hotels and resorts remain closed. One complete hotel is rented by the State to house those sick on Coronavirus. Waikiki is no longer a fun place to visit.

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“There will be a lot more  relied on science when it comes to reopening our economy after September 24,” the Honolulu mayor said today.  “This will be worked out in the next days.”

Mayor Caldwell told eTurboNews he disagrees with US Travels and WTTC on speaking out against all quarantine requirements by states or countries. It means the demand for open borders is not what Hawaii has in mind .
The Honolulu mayor explained with so many dead and increasing infections due to travel,  this demand is not anything he agrees with. He acknowledges that the travel industry wants to function and relaunch, and the mandate by such organization like US Travel representing this industry is understandable.

The mayor added he supports testing. Testing prior and after arrival to shorten or eliminate the quarantine requirements is the key for the visitors industry to rebuild.

Listen to Mayor Kirk Caldwell:

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