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Hot, Ripped and Tanned at Boyz Town

It was very late on a Saturday night. I had just finished a delicious seafood dinner in Jomtien with some friends. They were all being boring and didn’t want to go out and headed home. I was bored, alone, a little drunk and feeling horny. I saw a baht bus heading toward Pattaya so jumped on it. Rattling along the way all I could think about was finding a ripped, tanned Thai guy to fuck. I’m versatile but that night I just wanted to be dominate and fuck some tight Thai ass. When I got there I headed straight for Boyz Town. There were quite a few guys around, so I settled into a bar and started drinking some Singha beer hoping that I would find a nice guy who wanted to get their ass banged hard.

VIDEO: The Boys in Boyz Town Pattaya
A drink waiter came over and asked to sit with me. I said “sure why not”. He was not really my type, too white and too feminine but he was friendly and had a nice smile. We got talking about all the usual stuff and I bought him a few drinks. It was enjoyable sitting with him. Time

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