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HotelsByDay Beefs Up Hotel Amenities with Dayaxe

Written by Linda Hohnholz

HotelsByDay is now offering unused guest rooms during the day, to pools, spas, and gyms. HotelsByDay is a North-American provider of flexible daytime hotel rooms. It announced the acquisition of Dayaxe, a startup that sells access to hotel amenities. 

“This acquisition creates the world’s first full-service company to provide consumers with booking flexibility and access to top hotel amenities while granting hotels new revenue optimization channels,” said Yannis Moati, CEO and Founder of the New York City-based startup.

HotelsByDay, which lets guests reserve unused hotel rooms during the day, will be the only company to offer consumers the ability to take advantage of more amenities offered by hotels via an upcoming single platform. Whether customers want to book day access to a luxurious pool or find a quiet room to recharge for a couple of hours, HotelsByDay’s acquisition of DayAxe provides access to thousands of top locations across North America.

Tatiana Maskaron, Founder of Los Angeles-based DayAxe added: “This new combination immediately transforms the hospitality industry, providing an innovative platform for hotels globally to generate millions in new revenues for otherwise idle inventory, at negligible incremental cost. HotelsByDay has thousands of hotels already selling unused rooms. Now they will be able to offer amenities seamlessly through the upcoming all-integrated platform.”

Every day, over 8.4 million hotel rooms across the world go empty and unused anytime between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. That represents over $76 Billion in unrealized revenues for hotels and resorts. Exacerbating the lost opportunity for these asset-heavy companies, hotel amenities like pools, cabanas, gyms and spas are underutilized by over 50 percent on average.

Meanwhile, consumers, faced with the rigid booking options of today’s platforms like Expedia and Priceline, have limited opportunities in booking flexibility and to take advantage of local property amenities.

The deal is another step in furthering HotelsByDay’s singular vision of solving common pain points in travel and hospitality, positioning itself in the vanguard of hospitality innovations, from flex-stays and daycations to soon tackling the conference room meetings and events vertical.

About HotelsByDay: HotelsByDay ( was founded in 2015 and is a leading domestic day-use hotel booking website where travelers can reserve elegant, conveniently located hotel rooms at competitive prices in major cities across the United States and Canada for the day. It has received significant media attention, including an appearance on Shark Tank, features in GOOP, Travel and Leisure, NYT, WSJ, and Boston Globe. This press, and an innovative model that benefits both consumers and hoteliers alike, are attracting new users and driving more hotel partnerships all over North America.

About DayAxe: DayAxe ( lets you book pool time, cabana or spa access at top hotels and resorts, including brands such as The Ritz-Carlton, The W, Fairmont, InterContinental, Hyatt, Hilton, Westin and many more. DayAxe is primarily used by locals and it’s especially handy to travelers when their Airbnb does not have a pool, or for enjoying those post-checkout hours before a redeye or during a long layover. Today DayAxe operates in over 50 hotels in seven U.S. markets and enables hotels to monetize their underutilized amenities by opening access to registered day guests through software that enables inventory and pricing control, as well as the ability to target desired audiences.

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