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How To Cum More: This is How You Blow Bigger Loads

Written by gaytourism

So you want to know how to cum more.

Some men aim for world peace or to dominate the stock market. You just want to know how to cum more. We like that, so let’s just dive in and tell you how that works.

If you want to cum more, you’ll want to eat certain foods and avoid others. Walnuts are good, processed meats are bad.

You may also want to hit the gym while you’re at it.

Then there’s your lifestyle, which either helps or hinders your ability to go big and finish bigger. We’re going to talk about specific ways to cum more in this article, along with a few habits you may want (well, need) to pick up – and drop a few others.

Also, you may want to think about a semen volume booster supplement, like Semenax, which increases your semen volume, so you have more cum to ejaculate.

How to Cum More: A Definition

Before we go further, help us clarify what you want.

You want to cum more (show us a guy on the planet who doesn’t!). Help us understand. Which of these do you want?

1 – You Want to Cum Bigger – This is just like it sounds.

2 – You Want to Cum More Often – This is also just like it sounds

3 – You Want to Do Both – Are you a man that wants it all?

Which is it, Options 1, 2 or 3? We don’t have a PhD in aeronautical engineering, but we’re guessing you  want it all. That would be Option #3, and generally speaking, it’s the hardest to do. That’s because the more you ejaculate, the less time you have for your body to make more semen.

Still, it’s difficult, but it’s not impossible. We wrote this article for you, the dude who wants it all when he hits the sheets. It’s a three-part strategy for sexual ecstasy.

Part #1 – Lifestyle Tips to Cum Like a Porn Star

If you want to know how to cum more, you need to be willing to make some lifestyle adjustments.

An obvious way to boost your semen production is simply to ejaculate less. You’ll shoot bigger loads this way, but we’ve already taken that off the table because you want it all.

So what else can we do to give you more semen?

Stop Smoking – Nicotine may be more addictive than crack cocaine (yes, really), but if you want to know how to cum more, here’s a good place to start. Smoking is bad for your health on pretty much every level, from your ability to get a hard-on to semen production. There is some speculation that smoking could inhibit your prostate from making secretions. Or it could be that smoking affects the nerves that help you ejaculate.

Look, we get it – it’s not easy to quit smoking. But it’s an effective way to cum more. If you had to choose one, would you pick sex or smoking?

Lose Weight – Gee, thanks Captain Obvious. Why bring this up? Well, you want to know how to cum more, correct? Obesity is linked to infertility. If you want to shoot bigger wads – to say nothing about helping your swimmers – you might want to watch your calories. Yes, that means exercise, and it definitely means you need to take a close look at what goes on your plate.

Drink More Fluids – Here’s an easy way to cum more – or at least increase your seminal fluids. Drink more water. That extends far beyond your ability to shoot huge loads. Water makes you pee more, which helps flush toxins out of your body.

Try Kegel Exercises – Kegels can help you perfect your ejaculation technique, and even shoot further. To do a kegel, hold your urinary muscles for three seconds. Then release for three seconds, and repeat this process for several sets.

Do kegels several times a day, including while you’re sitting, standing and generally going about your day. Combined with the dietary and other lifestyle tips we’ll review in this article, along with Semenax semen volume enhancer, and kegels can definitely add a lot more fun to your sex life.

Part #2 – Your Cum-Boosting Diet

Your cum is how you spread your swimmers. These are little versions of you, and like the rest of your body, they need good nutrition to stay on top of things. So put that bacon away (sorry) – it’s one of the worst offenders for low sperm, along with other processed meats and snacks you’ll generally find at your local gas station.

And which foods can actually help you cum more?

Walnuts – Yup, the plain and unassuming walnut is quite the hero if you want to increase your sperm quality. A 2012 study found that dudes who added about two handfuls of walnuts to their diet each day had more and better sperm counts than men who ate no walnuts whatsoever.

Zinc-rich foods  – Ever heard the rumor that oysters boost the sex drive? They’re more than just rumors, they’re true. Oysters are a rich source of zinc – an essential mineral linked to male fertility, higher testosterone and, you guessed it, more and better sperm to go with it.

You want to know how to cum more? Eat zinc-rich foods like oysters, meat, fish and eggs, so long as you have no food allergies that would cause a problem.

Foods That Boost Testosterone – Here’s another great way to cum more. Foods that boost testosterone help to increase arginine, lysine and carnitine. These are amino acids that help increase your testosterone levels, and possibly, can help boost your semen. Look for oatmeal, red meat, poultry and tuna, among others.

Maca – Maca is a plant native to central Peru. Some studies link it to higher libido and better male fertility. It’s also linked to better overall sexual performance, and if you have trouble getting wood, Maca is a keeper.

Part #3 – Try Semen Volume Boosters

Wait, did you just say semen volume boosters? Yes, we did, and here’s why.

A semen volume booster is a natural supplement made with sperm-boosting nutrients that help increase the size of your ejaculate. Think zinc, pumpkin seed, maca and similar herbs and amino acids. Each on their own can help you cum more.

Put them together in a well-crafted and dosed formula by a company that knows what it’s doing and you’re about to turn your bedroom into a Palace of Pleasure.

We’ll get to that part about ‘A Company That Knows What It’s Doing’ in a minute. First, let us explain why a semen volume booster should be high in your priority list for you – the dude who wants to know how to cum more.

When you have more semen to ejaculate, you force your orgasmic muscles to contract for longer, faster, and with greater intensity.

The result? A climax that may set off the Richter Scale.

Semen volume boosters are natural products. As such, you don’t need a prescription to buy them, which is probably a good thing. It’s a little awkward to sit in your doctor’s office and have that chat that you, uh “kinda want to know how to cum more…”

Look, we’re not here to judge. You just want more and longer orgasms, yes? Then think about two semen volume boosters in particular that do just that. Combine then with the semen-boosting tips we’ve already talked about and you’re in for some very fun times indeed.

Semenax (Top Pick) – Clinically Shown To Make Climaxes Longer

There’s a science to cumming longer and with greater intensity. It’s a science that Semenax has pretty much nailed, in what may have been the most enjoyable clinical study, like, ever.

Believe us, you’ll wish you were part of this study too.

The study consisted of 63 guys between 30 and 60. Researchers put them in two groups. The first took four Semenax pills daily. The second group took a placebo and similar dosage.

This was a double-blind study. That means no one, whether the researchers or the men themselves, knew who was taking Semenax or the placebo.

When the study finished, a higher number of guys in the Semenax group had 20% more ejaculate than the men in the latter group.

Semenax works – and believe us when we tell you, it’s a world of fun.


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When we say ‘Not Cheap’ a single box of Semenax costs about sixty bucks. That said, the climaxes you’ll enjoy with Semenax are worth this much and then some. You’ll save more money if you buy Semenax in packages of three months or higher.

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Volume Pills – Another Very Good Semen Volume Booster

If Semenax has competition, it’s from Volume Pills. Like the name implies, Volume Pills is a semen ‘volume’ pill that, yup, increases your semen volume, so you have more to ejaculate.

There are many natural semen volume boosters out there. We like Semenax the best, and Volume Pills just slightly behind it. We like this formula – an Asian-derived combination of semen-boosting nutrients from ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

It’s one of the most-established names in natural male enhancement, having been in the industry for two decades. That’s a good thing, because the male enhancement market is a crowded one. Bad products get weeded out. Good products last – and Volume Pills is clearly among them.


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On that last point, keep in mind that most health supplements take several weeks before you notice good results because your body needs time to process their nutrients. That’s pretty common, but keep it mind.

Trust us when we tell you, wait for Volume Pills – you can thank us later.

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How To Cum More: A Quick Summary

Want to cum more? Lose weight, drink more fluids, do kegels, eat walnuts and foods that boost testosterone, and try a semen volume booster like Semenax while you do it.

That’s ‘how to cum more’ in one paragraph. One sentence, actually, if you want to get technical.

With that being said, it’s a lot to unpack. You know you should ‘lose weight’ and stop smoking, but that’s easier said than done.

So try this: start with baby steps. Start by drinking more fluids and eating a sperm-friendly diet. That could mean you eat a handful of walnuts each day, along with oysters, fish, eggs and poultry. Run that past your doctor first – this is food allergy permitting, of course.

Kegels are super-easy to do as well. A little boring, yes, but if you want to cum more they’re a great place to start.

Finally, don’t forget to add a good semen volume booster to your daily routine. We slant a little more to Semenac, but you can’t go wrong with Volume Pills either.

The benefit of a semen volume enhancer is that is can help you cum more and correct some of the mistakes you might be making in your diet or lifestyle and still help you finish like a porn star. That’s not an excuse to let yourself go. You still need to watch what goes on your plate and do your part to stay lean and healthy.

Think of semen volume boosters as the piece that brings everything together for the dude who wants to know how to cum more. You’ll be doing a lot of that with the steps we’ve talked about in this article. So what are you waiting for? Stand up and get to it! So you want to know how to cum more and blow bigger loads. Here’s a hint: eat walnuts. Semen volume boosters like Semenax may help as well.

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