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How to make money on American Travelers?

Written by gaytourism

Americans love to travel the world, including Europe, Africa, and Asia. According to the latest report by World Travel Monitor by IPK International, US and Canadian outbound travel is on the upswing.

Specifically American outbound travel numbers to Europe increased by 4.5% in the first 8 months of 2019.

Spain received 11% more Americans followed by Italy with 10%. The report indicated a higher increase in leisure travel compared to business trips. IPK International is expecting even better numbers for 2020.

What is the best way to earn some of the American Tourism Dollars?  What about Travel Expos in U.S. Shopping Malls?

Like it is with all advertising, the questions for tourism boards and their stakeholders are the return on investment for any outreach campaigns.

Questions include

  1. What are the best consumer travel events in North America?
  2. What are the best travel industry trade shows?
  3. How to get earned media?
  4. Do American consumers or trade find me on Google? Having a good position on may not have an influence on American searches.

TravelNewsGroup, the owner of eTurboNews, developed the first-ever outreach in places Americans love to spend time in their most prominent home town shopping malls. Shopping malls are important to visit both at home, and also when traveling.

Throughout the year Travel News Group will exhibit at prominent shopping malls throughout the United States. The purpose are shopping mall travel expos to introduce new markets to American travelers

Besides ten-thousands of consumers that frequent major shopping malls, travel agents and media will be invited to participate. All of this will be multiplied by SEO activities through the eTN network and syndication partners.

The eTN outreach campaign includes:

  • Set up attractive exhibition spaces inside US shopping malls
  • Shipping brochures and other material to venues
  • Recruitment of experts to represent exhibitors
  • Training of the representation team.
  • Invitations to the local press and travel agents
  • Adding some fun entertainment at events
  • Sharing all contact information and leads with participating exhibitors
  • Extensive reporting about the events throughout the year
  • Producing and circulating press-releases to local media
  • Introduction using all elements of Travel News Group publications, including the eTN network.
  • Travel Safety presentation by Safertourism.

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