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I’m so proud my dad won’t discriminate.

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I’m so proud of my dad today, and well, every day really. He’s an honorable man who works hard and owns a business in our hometown, Oklahoma City. Like any family, it was a journey with ups and downs when I came out, but he has always supported me.

Today, he published a piece in The Oklahoman – the statewide newspaper – calling on the U.S. Supreme Court to do the right thing in the Masterpiece case, and uphold our nation’s deeply held values of fairness for all. Like all of us, he would be very troubled if the Courts ruled that businesses could tell people “your kind isn’t welcome here.”

Please take a moment to read my dad’s powerful words.

Then, celebrate him and all the small businesses owners taking a stand against discrimination with your small gift to Equality Federation so that we can continue to build this movement.

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Amanda McLain-Snipes

Amanda is Equality Federation’s Organizational Development & Training Manager. She provides direct support to our members in creating successful, targeted issue education campaigns.

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