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Israel just killed Tourism with a 2 week Quarantine for Everyone

Israel, the land of creation closed its borders to foreigners, including tourists. Israel citizens returning to the country will have to enter a two-week quarantine.

In Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just killed Israel Tourism.  Everyone entering the Jewish State will have to observe Israel  a 14-day quarantine to combat coronavirus

Palestinian Authority bars all foreign tourists for two weeks, closed Bethlehem churches and mosques with 25 confirmed cases of the virus and one in Tul Karm. Thirteen U.S. nationals are quarantined in a Bethlehem hotel.

According to a directive from the Israel Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, the quarantine order for Israelis will go into effect as of 8 P.M. Monday. The order for foreigners arriving in the country says they need to prove to have adequate accommodations to be quarantined during their stay in the country. The order for foreigners will go into effect as of 8 P.M. Thursday.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has extended quarantine orders to all those arriving in the country. Quarantine orders will last two weeks and could affect some 300,000 Israelis. Netanyahu called the move “a tough, but vital, decision.”

Just earlier today Israel Tourism sent a press release to eTurboNews saying Israel welcomes visitors and they were safe from COVID-19. eTN did not publish the release. Earlier last week Israel blacklisted a number of countries including Germany, Italy, China, South Korea, Thailand.

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