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Janelle Monáe waves pansexual flag and rocks vagina pants at LA concert

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Monáe is a great live performer, as seen here at The Grand Opera House | Photo: Flickr/William Haun

I have discovered the best way to end Pride Month on a high note — going to a Janelle Monáe concert, where the energy was full of pride, beauty, strength, and hope.

She performed at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on Thursday night (28 June) and it was truly an incredible evening.

The singer, who recently came out as pansexual, addressed Pride numerous times throughout the event. She wasn’t afraid to get political.

‘Choose freedom, not fear,’ Monáe told us before ending the concert with the last song on her new album Dirty Computer, Americans.

At one point, while performing I Got the Juice, she invited numerous people from the audience to jam with her and her dancers. She called us all beautiful throughout the night and made us feel loved, accepted, and truly proud of who we are and what we stand for.

Fighting for freedom with pride

Near the end of the show, she came out on stage waving a pansexual flag.

Then she had an honest, beautiful conversation with us.

‘One thing I was thinking about that I did not mention,’ she began. ‘With freedom, comes sacrifice. Freedom ain’t free. You have to fight for it every single day you get up.’

She continued: ‘Sometimes it comes with a lot of cost. To be open, to be proud.

‘Even I get afraid. But looking out here tonight, I realize that I’m not alone. I can’t tell you how heard I feel, how seen I feel, how celebrated I feel. That is what I wanted and want to give to you. And I hope each and every last one of y’all feel it.’

She did that

When she performed Pynk, she came out wearing — as we were all hoping — the iconic vagina pants from the music video.

It was as epic as it appears.

Some of dancers also wore the pants, while others donned pink velvet bodysuits.

As Monáe said about the pants and why not every woman wears them in the video (or in concert): ‘There are some women in the video that do not have on the pants, because I don’t believe that all women need to possess a vagina to be a woman.’

A queen in her own right

Before she sang her bisexual anthem Make Me Feel, she showed off some dance moves.

The intro lasted a few minutes, all to the repeated beat of the song, and it was thrilling to witness. Monáe possesses the talent and magnetism of artists past like Michael Jackson and Prince.

The latter especially makes sense, given their close friendship and collaboration before his death.

These moves and ability to maintain an audience’s attention speak for themselves.

Dirty and proud

The night was exactly the kind of space I feel proud and safe in as a queer woman.

Looking around me in the audience, I knew I was among a community that is special, defiant, and beautiful. I’m grateful to Monáe for giving me and everyone else this experience. It was needed.

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