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See older lesbians learn new slang and embrace it for themselves

Written by gaytourism

Learning new words | Photo: YouTube/intomore

The ever-changing language of the LGBTQ community is once more put to the test in a new charming video. In the segment, three older lesbians learn new slang about lesbians.

INTO Magazine brought back Sabel, Phyllis, and Belita for a new video.

Last time, they were introduced to Hayley Kiyoko and fell a little bit in love. But how do they fare with new terms?

Pretty well, it turns out!

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‘I sign my name as lesbian,’ Phyllis says at the start.

Belita confirms: ‘She does. We go to workshops and she signs in as “lesbian.”‘

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s test some words.

Pillow Princess? Lug?

The first word they get is ‘hasbian’.

Belita gasps and says: ‘A former lesbian.’ None of them have heard the term before but they agree it makes sense.

When they get to ‘gold star’ aka a lesbian who’s never been with a man before, they debate the merits of the word. Some think it makes some lesbians seem ‘better’ than others. Belita’s all for it, but Phyllis less so.

There’s also L.U.G. (lesbian until graduation) and ‘pillow princess’ (a lesbian who likes to get ‘serviced’ or be on the bottom more).

The words they all knew? Scissoring and ‘baby dyke’ (or ‘baby butch’).

The magazine has done this before, but with older gay men. It’s fun either way seeing how different generations of LGBTI people have changed over the years.

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