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John Cena reads out some very thirsty tweets about him

Written by gaytourism

WWE wrestler John Cena. | Photo: Big Ed’s Photos / Flickr

Pro wrestling star John Cena is here to quench your thirst… tweets.

In a new video from Buzzfeed, Cena responds to tweets from horny social media users asking him to do unspeakable things to them.

Among them is one particularly thirsty guy telling Cena to hold him close… with his penis.

So, as he says in the video: ‘It’s time to get social once again through media with another edition of Thirst Tweets.’

John Cena: ‘Love has no labels’

John Cena is a long time ally of the LGBTI community. In fact, his eldest brother Dan is gay.

Cena appeared in the Ad Council’s PSA for their ‘Love Has No Labels’ campaign. In a video, he takes a casual stroll through an American town, asking what makes America great?

He believes patriotism shouldn’t just be about pride for one’s country, but should also be about love. Love beyond age, disability, sexuality, religion, race, or any other labels.

He says in the video: ‘What really makes up this country of ours? It’s the people.

‘9 million [people] are gay, lesbian, bi or transgender. [That’s] more than the entire amount of people living in the state of Virginia.’

Watch the inspiring video:

[embedded content]

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