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John Oliver’s gay bunny book is outselling Mike Pence’s family bunny book

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The bunny everyone’s talking about. | Photo: YouTube/LastWeekTonight

In the world of children’s literature, there’s a bunny war happening.

During this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver did a segment on Vice President Mike Pence. The monologue mainly detailed Pence’s anti-LGBTI stances.

At the end, Oliver lamented how Pence ruined the only good thing about himself: his pet rabbit, Marlon Bundo aka BOTUS (Bunny of the United States).

However, Oliver wasn’t about to let the purity of Marlon Bundo go that easily. The Pence family released a children’s book all about Marlon Bundo, penned by Pence’s daughter and illustrated by his wife.

So Oliver and his creative team created their own children’s book about the rabbit, making him fall in love with another male rabbit.

The host swung by Ellen DeGeneres to talk about the book, which essentially trolls Pence but also donates money to pro-LGBTI causes like The Trevor Project.

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So who’s winning?

Take one look at Amazon and it’s clear how well Oliver’s book, A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, is doing.

For children’s books, the book has spots one (hardcover) and two (Kindle). Meanwhile, the Pence book, Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Life of the Vice President, is third.

Oliver’s book also has the top spot for audiobooks. The audio version of this story features the likes of Jim Parsons and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Perhaps most impressive, Oliver’s book is also number one for books overall. The Pence book is in fourth, after James Comey’s tell-all and another political book titled Secret Empires.

Credit where credit is due: the Pence family is taking it all in stride. They posted this picture to Marlon’s Instagram, showing him wearing a bowtie not unlike the one in John Oliver’s book.

The real-life Marlon Bundo

The real-life Marlon Bundo. | Photo: Instagram @marlonbundo

The caption reads:

‘@[email protected] Not gonna lie, I do look pretty fly in a bow tie. The only thing better than one bunny book for charity is…TWO bunny books for charity. #BOTUS – Marlon’

The Pences’ book contributes to Tracy’s Kids, an art therapy program, and A21, a nonprofit dedicated to ending slavery and human trafficking.

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