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HIV is still very much an LGBTQ issue.

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HIV is still very much an LGBTQ issue. Yet, for the past two decades, HIV has not been a high priority for many LGBTQ advocacy organizations; it’s past time for that to change. HIV organizations and advocates living with HIV are doing important and successful work but there are significant gaps in HIV advocacy capacity in many states. Equality Federation’s HIV Advocacy Program is working to leverage LGBTQ advocacy power in strong partnerships with the people and organizations who are doing critical on-the-ground work on HIV.

The Ohio HIV Convening

This year we’ve hosted HIV policy summits in Ohio, Louisiana, and Kentucky, building and training coalitions in those states to tackle critical HIV policy issues. For example, we are harnessing the power of these coalitions to update outdated, unfair, and discriminatory state laws that treat people living with HIV as criminals, solely based on their HIV status.

Check out our recent Facebook Live chat about HIV to learn more about the work being done to end the stigma, the criminalization, and the epidemic.


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