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Journalist got paid more as a sex worker than working at the BBC

Written by gaytourism

BBC journalist Nichi Hodgson. | Photo: supplied

Journalist Nichi Hodgson says she got paid more as a dominatrix than she does now working at the BBC and Sky News.

Nichi was appearing at National Student Pride as a contestant on their Blind Date parody ‘Queer Date’ yesterday (11 February).

Main stage host James Barr asked Nichi if being a dominatrix is ‘good pay?’

The bisexual journalist laughed: ‘Way better than I get now. I don’t know why I stopped.’

Riyadh Khalaf, Courtney Act and Nichi Hodgson

Riyadh Khalaf, Courtney Act and Nichi Hodgson. | Photo: supplied

Nichi has previously explained she got into dominatrix after she was an intern. She met another dominatrix who offered to take Nichi on as her ‘vanilla assistant.’

The comment comes following the news about the BBC gender pay gap. Recently 170 female BBC employees have accused the broadcaster of a ‘longstanding breach of trust, transparency and accountability’ over gender pay inequalities and demanded a public apology.

Nichi has previously made a documentary for BBC Radio 4 on whether ‘porn can be ethical.’

She says working as a dominatrix does not clash with being a feminist.


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