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Keira Knightley reveals her scandal with female date at prom

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Sharing the story…. | Photo: YouTube/Late Night with Seth Meyers

Keira Knightley recently appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers in promotion of her new movie, Colette.

In the movie, which comes out in select US theaters next week, sees Knightley portraying the real-life French novelist Colette. It also explores her relationships with women and the gender nonconforming Mathilde de Morn.

That’s when Meyes asked Knightley if Colette would be proud of her own prom experience. Knightley explained her scandal at the school dance, which led to a photo getting banned.

‘I went with my best friend, who is a girl, and also gay,’ Knightley says of her prom date. ‘We had a kiss for our prom photo and they banned our photo.’

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She goes on to explain at her school, people could pin their photos to the wall during prom and after. Her photo, however, was deemed ‘not appropriate’ and therefore they couldn’t display it.

‘Scandal! At 16!’

Meyers joked in 50 years, this story would be its very own period piece.

Knightley also spoke about her penchant for period movies, and the draw of strong female characters in them.

‘I’ve desperately tried to do modern-day pieces,’ she says. ‘But they keep wanting me to play the supportive wife or the supportive girlfriend. And I think, “I’m that at home. I don’t want to do it at work as well.”‘

She finally told the story about the day Donald Trump won the election. During his acceptance speech, her 3-year-old daughter rolled onto her back and simply said: ‘Oh fuck.’


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