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School director opposed to anti-bullying videos resigns, says she was bullied

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A school director from Pennsylvania recently resigned in an abrupt one-sentence letter. Her resignation came after confrontations with the former superintendent, including ones about anti-bullying messages for LGBTI students.

Carol Allen resigned from the East Penn School Board on 4 September.

This is the letter she sent to to School Board President Ken Bacher: ‘Ken, This is to inform you that I am resigning from the East Penn School Board effective immediately. Carol Allen.’

A retired teacher, Bacher accepted her resignation, although he reportedly said he did not know why she resigned.

Prior to her resignation, Allen had numerous disagreements with the former superintendent, Michael Schilder.

One of the disagreements was about Emmaus High School’s gay-straight alliance. The group showed anti-bullying videos in support of LGBTI students in April during the school announcements.

At a June school meeting, Allen and the Lehigh Valley Tea Party reportedly expressed anger at the videos. Along with the American Family Association of Pennsylvania, they were upset about the videos being shown without parental consent.

This was one of the videos:

[embedded content]

According to reports, Allen said Schilder bullied her at a meeting last July. She wanted to attend an orientaiton for students in summer school and was denied.

She also allegedly tried to stop a youth survey, which provided information about students’ relationships and feelings towards bullying and mental health.

The school board is currently seeking her replacement.

H/t: The Morning Call

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