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Kelly Clarkson helped a gay couple get married during her show

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Gay couples have a special place in Kelly Clarkson’s heart.

As a judge on The Voice, she broke down in tears after a couple sang a beautiful love song as a duet. She’s helped another couple get engaged. Now, she’s taken it a step further.

During her Las Vegas New Year’s Eve performance, the celebrity helped two men make their dreams come true. She helped them get married.

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As the singer walked through the audience as part of her residency show, she stopped to chat with the couple and found out that they were getting hitched that night.

“It is tonight? With me?” she asked before asking one of the men to explain more.

“We’ve been together for 14 years this coming January,” he said before asking her to stand next to him as it happened. The couple had brought along an officiant, hoping that she’d agree.

She quickly said yes and handed the mic to the man to perform the quick ceremony.

“We’re gathered here today,” the officiant started as the crowd erupted in cheers, “to honor these two gentlemen who want to proclaim their love tonight, forever.”

After Brian and Marcello took their vows, the officiant proclaimed, “By the power of Kelly Clarkson’s show, Las Vegas New Year’s Eve 2024, I pronounce you both husband and husband.”

The crowd’s roar was deafening as Clarkson hugged the two and went over to meet their family members.

She complimented the men for bringing a special and beautiful moment to the show and wished them luck before returning to the stage.


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