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Kenyan anti-LGBTI official thinks young people are being paid to be gay

Written by gaytourism

Ezekiel Mutua (L) thinks foreign NGOs are paying Kenyan youth to be gay. | Photo: Twitter/Ezekiel Mutua

An outspoken Kenyan anti-LGBTI official would rather sacrifice his career than let homosexuality become the ‘order of the day’.

Dr Ezekiel Mutua heads the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) and is constantly in the media sharing his anti-LGBTI views.

He has written to the government asking them to investigate foreign non-government organizations operating in Kenya. Mutua believes some of them are giving young people money to be gay.

‘We (KFCB) have asked the NGO Coordination Board to investigate the activities of some of the foreign NGOs in the country,’ he told The Nairobian.

‘There are foreign NGOs… which move to the villages to manipulate our poor innocent youth with “big money” of up to Sh3 million (US$30,00) for them to engage in this wicked act (homosexuality).’

Mutua argued that homosexuality was a western import and did not exist in Africa. He also said he would willingly give up his career fighting its spread in Kenya.

‘These ‘mzungus’ (people of European descent) who are bringing and sponsoring this practice in Kenya should know that we are entrenched in our African morals and principles that portray sexual decency. Our fore parents did not practice homosexuality,’ he said.

‘I am willing and ready to lose my job of heading the moral board in a country where homosexuality is the order of the day.

‘It will destroy even the future generations, which should not be the case.’

Homosexual sex is illegal in Kenya and punishable by up to 14 years in prison.

Cannes Film Festival

Last month, Mutua was behind a decision to ban the film, Rafiki, which is the first Kenyan film to be selected for the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Rafiki tells the story of the attraction two young women feel for one another.

‘The name of the movie should be changed to Immorality, because that is what it is. It is so dirty to let anybody watch it,’ he said.

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