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LA Rams become first NFL team to sponsor Pride

The LA Rams are making LGBTI history for the second time

A California football team is the first NFL team to sponsor a Pride event.

The Los Angeles Rams are the sixth most valuable team in the NFL, according to Forbes.

They made LGBTI history, too, when they drafted Michael Sam in 2014.

Sam is the first openly gay NFL player to enter the draft.

Now the Rams are making LGBTI history again.

They teamed up with Venice Pride in West LA. They organize the Venice Pride Sign Lighting and the Venice Pride Block Party every year.

From today (2 June) the famous Venice sign will light up like the rainbow flag, with each letter shining in a different color.

The Rams’ colors are blue and gold, so they are sponsoring the blue letter C.

‘Inclusion has always been a valued part of our organization,’ a spokesperson for the Rams said in a statement.

‘And we see this as a unique way to publicly celebrate the diversity that makes this community so special.’

The comments under their Instagram post announcing the sponsorship speak for themselves.

A post shared by Los Angeles Rams (@rams) on Jun 1, 2017 at 11:03am PDT

While there are plenty of negative messages, just as many fans are excited about their team’s push for equality.

‘Go Rams! You deserve praise for being a role model in the sports world,’ one user wrote.

‘Where celebrating equality doesn’t happen very often.’

And the positive messages even let some users forget any potential team rivalry for a moment.

‘I’m a New York Giants fan,’ one user said.

‘LOVE this post.’

The Rams are not the first NFL team to sponser an overall LGBTI event, though.

The New England Patriots recently announced they would be sponsoring Boston’s Gay Bowl – a national flag football tournament for the LGBTI community.