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Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram under fire for banning rainbow flags at concert

Written by gaytourism

Nancy Ajram. | Photo: al-Musawwir al-Mustaqil

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram is facing backlash after her management allegedly told organizers to ban rainbow Pride flags from her Gothenburg concert last week (17 August).

The concert took place in the middle of the city’s Pride celebrations, which were also Euro Pride.

According to AN-NAHAR, Ajram wanted to be cautious about supporting LGBTI rights after a previous incident.

While appearing on The Voice Kids, she wore a t-shirt with rainbow flags on it and the media attacked her for it.

So to prevent another media storm, her manager Gigi Lamara allegedly asked organizers to prevent rainbow flags.

Nancy Ajram responds

The concert went ahead and Ajram posted to her Instagram account with a photo of the crowd on Saturday (18 August).

The photo includes no rainbow flags.

Nancy Ajram's photo of the crowd at Gothenburg concert

Nancy Ajram’s photo of the crowd at Gothenburg concert. | Photo: Nancy Ajram / Instagram

It caused a stir online, with many calling out the singer for banning the Pride flags.

So she finally responded to the controversy yesterday (22 August) on Twitter.

In a series of tweets, she wrote: ‘Concerning the media hype following my concert in Sweden & all the accusations resulting thereof, I would like to clarify that my management and myself have nothing to do with the pride flags & that the stage pride decoration removal decision was taken by the organizer himself.’

She continued: ‘I would like to clarify once and for all that I respect everyone’s choices without any discrimination. I had never put myself in a position to judgeor issue prejudgements especially that personal life is private and no one has the right to interfere in. We just have to respect it.’

Ajram then added: ‘I am sorry that this issue took such big attention, because it affected some of my close friends too. The purpose of such hype was to put me in confrontation with a certain group of people. I Love and Respect everyone. That’s all I have to say. Thank you.’

LGBTI fans respond

Many began calling out Nancy Ajram, especially because she’s previously used drag queens in her music video for Ya Salaam.

One social media user wrote: ‘And after 23 years of being your fan and loving you a lot, I will never listen to your music neither support your art because of this.’

Another said: ‘It’s hard to believe the words comes out of your mouth @NancyAjram.

He continued: ‘If you are really honest about your support to the LGBT community, then show that and hold a rainbow flag at your concert. Otherwise, you are nothing but a homophobe!’

Another wrote: ‘Shame on you Nancy Ajram! You’re (sic) entire career has been carried by LGBTQ folk.’

As a result of the news, people began posting rainbow flag emojis on all of her social media posts.

Screenshot of Nancy Ajram Instagram account

Screenshot of Nancy Ajram Instagram account. | Photo: Instagram

One social media user commented: ‘Love wins’.

Another said: ‘Happy pride!’

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