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MNEK on UK Black Pride and inspiring ‘young queer kids of color’

Written by gaytourism

MNEK in the new issue of Gay Times | Photo: Gay Times

MNEK has discussed his experience of this year’s UK Black Pride this year in London.

‘When I went, I came across so many young queer kids of colour who came up to me and said thank you,’ says the pop star in the new issue of Gay Times.

The Tongue singer further elaborated on the feedback he’s been receiving from fans as his star continues to rise throughout 2018.

‘Even the video shoot I just did the other day for Correct, this guy who was on set working came to me after and was like, “I’m not going to get emotional, but thanks so much, you did this for me and it’s so great to see an African gay artist out there doing pop shit, and not trying to be cool or edgy or underground. You’re really just going for it, and doing the popstar thing.”

‘It took me a while to really be OK with the lane I was in’

The 23-year-old also talked about how comparing himself to fellow singer Sam Smith used to make him ‘sad’.

‘It took me a while to really be OK with the lane I was in and to be OK that it’s not really been practiced before,’ he said. I’d drive myself crazy comparing myself to Sam Smith. It made me really sad at one point. I shouldn’t compare myself to Sam because he’s so talented and deserves everything in the world because he’s earned it.’

MNEK’s biggest hit to date is the 2015 top five single Never Forget You with Swedish singer Zara Larsson. His debut album Language is out 7 November.

‘I’m super excited to go into my 40s’

Meanwhile, Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears also appears in the publication.

The Comfortably Number singer, whose self-titled solo album came out last week, discussed a range of subjects in his interview, including body image and depression.

‘I’ve had major body image issues for the last 10 years. Like, what the fuck? Why do I struggle with that? I think about it all the time, and I feel like I’m in a better place with it now, but it’s definitely something I’ve struggled with. I’m super excited to go into my 40s, but I do feel like I have to reassess what it all means and I’ve been thinking a lot about that.’

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