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Lesbians for marriage equality set up billboards across from Taiwan government building

Written by gaytourism

A billboard calling for marriage equality in Taiwan. | Photo: Supplied

A group of LGBTI groups called on the government to hurry up and make marriage equality happen in Taiwan.

In 2017 Taiwan’s Judicial Yuan (constitutional court) ruled it was unconstitutional not to allow same-sex people to get married. It also ruled that the government must pass marriage equality legislation within two years.

But nine months after that ruling, marriage equality doesn’t seem to be any closer in Taiwan.

One of the reasons for the delay is that Executive Yuan (another branch of government) has not passed a proposal to legislate on same-sex marriage to the Legislative Yuan.

Conservative Christian groups have also launched court proceedings to stop same-sex marriage from happening.

But a number of gay rights groups are fed up with the lack of action. A coalition of rights groups set up big billboards across from the Executive Yuan offices.

They’re sending a clear message that they want marriage equality soon.

The billboards show two women who are each holding a baby. The billboard reads ‘we are both mothers of the children’ and ‘how long do we have to wait for equal rights to marry?’.

It should have been done by now

Taiwan’s Premier Lai Ching-te had been hopeful marriage equality would become law by the end of 2017.

‘I support those who are in love with the right to be together and to wish them every success in the parade today,’ he wrote on Facebook last year.

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