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The fierce RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 queens of have been revealed

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The queens of season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. | Photo: Twitter

The hotly anticipated reveal of the drag queens for season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race has landed and we are positively living.

Premiering on VH1 on 22 March, season 10 has come back a slicker version of the show, going beyond anyone’s expectations for a drag queen reality TV competition.

Each episode will be super-sized at 90 minutes long. The behind the scenes companion show, Untucked, will move off YouTube and premiere on VH1 for the first time.

The signifigance of making it to season 10 was not lost on mother herself, RuPaul.

‘While preparing for season 10, I realized that one of our contestants was 11 years-old when we first launched Drag Race,’ RuPaul told EW about the new cast.

‘The fact that we’re still here and still going strong is because of our talented queens. They are the heart and soul of the series.

‘And as they continue to evolve and push the boundaries of drag, so does Drag Race.’

Check out the 14 queens here.

1. Asia O’Hara. Dallas, Texas

Asia is a pageant queen and season four villain, Phi Phi O’Hara’s drag mother. An accomplished dancer and sewer, she owns her own costume design company.

2. Aquaria. Brooklyn, New York

Sharon Needles’ drag daughter is one of the hot favorites to take out the crown. Already boasting a massive social media following, Aquaria has reputation for serving creative looks and killer makeup skills.

3. Blair St Clair. Indianapolis, Indiana

Another Broadway queen, Blair won Miss Gay Indiana 2016 when she was just 21 years old. Not just a doll faced queen, Blair is altruist who works closely with the National Eating Disorder Association.

4. Dusty Ray Bottoms. New York, New York

Season nine’s Alexis Michelle is her drag sister and she’s known for her trademark dotted brows.
Dusty’s has punk-inspired aesthetic and probably want to see her lip sync for her life because she’s known for her out-of-the-box performances.

5. Eureka O’Hara. Johnson City, Tennessee

Eureka’s getting a second shot at the crown after injuring her leg in season nine. The Florida has a lot to prove and could get a redemptive arc after coming across as argumentative in season nine.

6. Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams. Albuquerque, New Mexico

A small town girl, with big city dreams Kalorie is not afraid to get sexy and give her booty a shake when on stage. Watch out for her wigs, working as a hairstylist during the day Kalorie is sure to serve us some fierce hair.

7. Kameron Michaels. Nashville, Tennessee

Very hot as a boy (sorry about it), Kameron is known as the ‘bodybuilder Barbie’. She serves very fishy looks and has gained a lot of respect for her fantasy makeup looks.

8. Mayhem Miller. Riverside, California

‘Beneath the makeup and behind the Smile’ she’s ‘just a girl that wishes for the world’. Make no mistake, Mayhem is a Q.U.E.E.N best known for always looking #flawless, polished and beautiful.

9. Miz Cracker. New York, New York

The Harlem based queen is definitely one to watch because not only can she pull off fierce looks and hair but she’s as comfortable doing a jumping splits as she is delivering a funny quip on stage.
Her ‘Review with a Jew‘ show on YouTube is also well worth checking out.

10. Monét X Change. Bronx, New York

The extremely beautiful Monét is known for her sharp looks and stunning makeup who is very close with season eight winner, Bob the Drag Queen.

11.Monique Heart. Kansas City, Missouri

Monique dreams of one day becoming the ‘gay Oprah’ and outside of drag works the devout Christian works as motivational speaker. Monique is a big personality who will kick, twirl and jump her way through any lip synch battle.

12. The Vixen. Chicago, Illinois

Rapper/drag queen/model/songwriter/actress, The Vixen is a multiple threat. The ‘savage drag queen’ is politically engaged and will call people out on the ‘bullshit’.

13. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo. Tampa, Florida

Vanessa works as a makeup artist out of drag, so we can expect exceptional painting talents from this queen. Her Twitter bio reads: ’50$ bucks grandpa (sic), for 75$ the wife can watch’.

14.Yuhua Hamasaki. New York, New York

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