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LGBT activist wants apology for transgender tweet

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — LGBT activists are asking Mecklenburg County Commissioner Bill James to apologize, following comments he posted to his Twitter account.

“This is a man in a position of power. He’s an elected representative of the people. He represents all the people in the county, not just the people who voted for him,” Paige Dula explained.

Dula is transgender activist and founder of Gender Alliance, a support group for transgender citizens here in Charlotte.

Thursday, in response to CMS’ decision to put its transgender bathroom policy on hold, James tweeted “CMS puts tranny bathroom policy on hold – requires boys in drag to men’s room.”

“The word tranny is by and large in the transgender community considered derogatory, just like the n-word for African-Americans, the f-word for the gay community,” said Dula.

Equality NC’s Executive Director Chris Sgro also released this statement:

“Language like Bill James used is offensive, dangerous, and not fitting of an elected official who is supposed to represent all constituents – including members of the LGBT community. Policies allowing trans students to use the correct restroom are a best practice, and a public official picking on any student is reprehensible. Bill James should immediately issue an apology to transgender students”

NBC Charlotte made several attempts to speak with Commissioner James through email, by phone, and on Twitter.

The controversy comes after CMS superintendent said Thursday that a temporary hold was placed on the bullying prevention regulation, which gave transgender students access to the bathroom and lock room corresponding to their gender identity.

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