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LGBT rights are human rights and the United Nations finally agrees

Written by gaytourism

eTN asked for an avalanche of support when it comes to recognizing LGBT Travel and Tourism as an accepted and integrated part of the global travel and tourism industry.

After the horrifying attack on an LGBT bar in Florida on Sunday, the expected avalanche of statements are pouring in, and one decision by the United Nations is about to make history and put the global LGBT struggle for recognition on a different level.

Just yesterday eTurboNews questions the United Nations World Tourism Organization to not immediately react after the deadly terror attack on the LGBT Travel and Tourism Industry in Orlando. eTN questioned leaders:Why UNWTO, WTTC, PATA and other tourism leaders remain silent?

Within hours of the article UNWTO, WTTC reacted. ETOA clarified its position and the big surprise came today, when at the first time in the history of the United Nations the UN Security Council has condemned violence on the basis of sexual orientation.

The United Nations Security Council issued a statement today condemning this weekend’s attack on a gay bar in Orlando, Florida. In a statement that specifically denounced violence targeting people “as a result of their sexual orientation” for the first time.

The statement was a landmark because the Security Council, the main body in the UN focused on peace and security, has never issued an official document of any kind referencing sexual orientation.

It’s a category that many countries have fought to keep out of UN documents, arguing that it is not recognized under international human rights agreements. Monday night’s document was a press statement, not a formal resolution, but it still required unanimous agreement from the committee that includes LGBT-rights opponents like Russia and Egypt.

The statement comes as the UN Human Rights Council opened a session in Geneva where a group of South American countries is expected to introduce a resolution to create the UN’s first ever LGBT rights watchdog.

The following countries are all members of the United Nations and may have to adjust policies towards gays:

Currently same sex activities are criminal activities. LGBT Tourists staying in hotels are not safe when traveling to copuntries like:

Singapore — Up to two years in jail
United Arab Emirates — Various punishments, possibly a death sentence.
Nigeria — Death penalty for men
Iran — Death penalty
Saudi Arabia — Banishment, whipping, and death by public stoning

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