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LGBTI ally Kathy Griffin poses with Trump’s bloody, decapitated head

Photo by Tyler Shields

Kathy Griffin poses for photographer Tyler Shields

Kathy Griffin can probably expect a tweet from Donald Trump soon.

The comic, who is a staunch LGBTI ally, teamed up with photographer Tyler Shields for a shocking photo session in which she is holding up a (fake) bloody, severed head meant to be the controversial US president.

‘Here’s my artsy fartsy statement!’ Griffin writes on Instagram. ‘I’m mocking the guy who mocks everybody. EVERYBODY (well, not the Russians so much) Anywhoo…If you could’ve seen us trying to fashion a Trump mask…haha We started playing around w props, etc, so I shall title this work “there was blood coming out of his eyes, blood coming out of his…WHEREVER.” OBVIOUSLY…I do not condone or encourage any of my fans / followers or ANYONE to cause harm to ANYONE. Verbally or otherwise.’

As the pair look at the photos Griffin says quietly to Shields: ‘We have to go to Mexico today because we’re going to prison. … Mexico today because we’re not surviving this.’

Griffin, a Grammy and two-time Emmy winner, has made no secret of her feelings about Trump in the past.

But there has quickly been online backlash against Griffin from people who feel that she and Shields have gone too far. Out country music star Chely Wright wrote on Twitter: ‘I do believe that some art should reflect the turbulence of culture and politics, but I believe that @kathygriffin’s photo goes way too far.’

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