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LGBTI people are ‘nearly invisible’ in major Hollywood films, report finds

Star Trek praised for its LGBTI representation

LGBTI representation in Hollywood films is slipping, particularly people of color, a new report found.

In the fifth annual GLAAD Studio Responsibility Index, 125 films came under the microscope and only 23 included LGBTI people.

Although this represents a 1% increase from last years report, LGBTI people of color dropped from 25.5% last year to 20% this year.

Of the 76 LGBTI characters counted, 48 were white (69%), nine were black/African American (13%), four were asian/Pacific Islander (6%), and one was Latinx (1%). Eight characters (11%) were non-human.

The report outlined 43% of representation included less than one minute of screen time for their LGBTI characters.

LGBTI representation in Hollywood films: Notable mentions

One of the worst offenders in the report was Central Intelligence, starring Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. The movie is ‘essentially a near two-hour gay panic joke relying on the homophobic “sissy” stereotype for most of the punchlines.’

Other notably cringeworthy movies include Dirty Grandpa with its ‘neverending’ homophobic jokes and Zoolander 2 featuring a transgender character – a non-binary model – who was constantly mocked.

The report said Zoolander ‘included Benedict Cumberbatch as All, a cartoonish portrayal of someone who is non-binary, who only exists to mock people who don’t perform traditional gender roles as strange and “other.”’

Animated movie, Sausage Party, also got a special mention for being steeped in racist cliches.

In more positive news, Star Trek received top accolades for its inclusion of Sulu, an out-gay main character.

GLAAD tweeted: ‘We can’t wait to see Sulu’s story explored more.’

Other big movies like Beauty and the Beast, Moonlight and Power Rangers also scored top marks for nods to LGBTI people.

In My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, Angelo comes out and the family immediately accepts him and his boyfriend Patrick.

And Neighbors 2 included a ‘surprisingly well-handled sub plot about former frat brother Pete getting engaged with the help of his brothers.’

The overall mark this year? Hollywood must do better.

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