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This app helps LGBTI people access healthcare in fiercely anti-gay Nigeria

A new app is helping LGBTI people in Nigeria find friendly and safe access to healthcare.

Developed by Nigerian human rights NGO, The Initiative for Equal Rights, Quickcare is a new mobile application.

The app provides practical information about sexually transmitted infections, safe sex tips and frequently asked questions.

It also has a comprehensive list of LGBTI-friendly facilities spread across Nigeria.

The app is currently only available to Android users, but it’s also still in the beta testing phase.

Users who are willing to contribute to the app are asked to provide feedback on outdated or new information.



LGBTI rights in Nigeria

Nigeria is considered to be the world’s most homophobic country.

A recent report found only 13% of family members would accept if someone came out in their family.

It stated: ‘The vast majority of Nigerians (91%) do not believe people are born homosexual.’

The report found 90% of Nigerians believe the country would be better off without LGBTI people and 70% of respondents say they would not have anything to do with them.

These shocking statistics have far-reaching negative consequences. The report also found 56% of Nigerians believe LGBTI people should not have access to public services like healthcare, housing and education.

In another survey, Dr Petra Boynton reported shocking results after interviewing LGBTI people in Nigeria.

LGBTIs in Nigeria face abuse: 12% reported they had experienced verbal abuse from doctors and nurses, with another 7% saying they were handled roughly.

And sometimes, doctors even say health problems are a person’s own fault, because of their sexuality or gender identity.

‘We know that affordable and accessible healthcare in Nigeria is in crisis at this time,’ Dr Boynton said.

‘But if you are LGBTQ it’s even more acute, because you have to have services that are safe and confidential and also that are ready to work with you and accept your sexuality.’