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LGBTI Travel Twitter Chat sponsored by U.S. State Department (@TravelGov) and ManAboutWorld (@MAWtravel)

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Tuesday, June 7; 3pm-4pm ET; 12 noon-1pm PT

ManAboutWorld is co-hosting the first-ever LGBT-related Twitter Chat with the U.S. State Department. Please mark your calendar for this important and informative social media activation.

Twitter chat, Tuesday, June 7, 3pm-4pm ET

  • Take note if you’re on twitter and tune in using hashtag #PrideGuide on Tuesday, June 7 3pm-4pm ET.
    • The subject is ‘travel safety abroad.’
    • The questions are included below.
  • Feel free to jump in anytime and follow or along or talk about how your organization thinks about LGBT travel safety/
  • Feel free to share this far and wide!

Let me know if you are able to join and under what twitter handles so I can look out for you and welcome you!


LGBTI Travel Twitter Chat sponsored by U.S. State Department (@TravelGov) and ManAboutWorld (@MAWtravel) 

Tuesday, June 7; 3pm-4pm ET; 12 noon-1pm PT

Goals: This Twitter chat focuses on safe LGBTI travel overseas. The idea is to connect with gay U.S. citizen travelers and answer any questions they have about safety, logistics, or other issues while traveling abroad and to introduce them to the resources available at (and elsewhere) for LGBTI travelers and all travelers. It’s an opportunity for all organizations who are concerned about LGBTI travel safety to participate in this important discussion.


  • #prideguide

Questions starting at 3pm/1500; 15:07:30; 15:15:00; and going till 15:52:30

  1. 76+ countries criminalize same-sex relations. How do YOU get info in advance to help ensure your safety? #prideguide
  2. What are best resources for to learn about countries before visiting? (magazines, books digital resources? #prideguide
  3. Which travel agents or tour operators have info on LGBTI issues, especially in more exotic destinations? #prideguide
  4. What resources are available from US State Dept for info and alerts about destinations around the world? #prideguide
  5. What are the biggest concerns for lesbian travelers heading to foreign countries (especially anti-gay ones)? #prideguide
  6. How concerned should LGBTI travelers be about health issues and what can we do to prepare?  #prideguide
  7. What resources for trans travelers are available from U.S. government including travel identification papers?: #prideguide

If you’re required to travel to an anti-LGBTI country for work how do you prepare for that? #prideguide

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