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LGBTI website ‘gives away surrogate mother’ in racist April Fool’s joke

Written by gaytourism

LGBTI site raffles off Thai surrogate mother and donor egg in ‘racist’ April Fool’s joke. | Photo: Isolga / Flickr

A German LGBTI website is under fire for joking about raffling off a Thai surrogate mother and an egg donation to gay couples.

As a tasteless April Fool’s Day joke, tweeted the story and joked it was a package worth €36,000 (£31,670 $44390).

They claimed to be in partnership with a Thai agency called ‘Baby Equality.’

Screenshot of article

Screenshot of article raffling off a Thai surrogate mother. | Photo: / Twitter

The article states: ‘To choose from in a color catalog are several young Thai surrogate mothers who support their often poor rural families with their services, as well as western egg donors.’

‘Tasteless and racist April Fool’s joke’

People are not happy.

One Twitter user replied to the story: ‘A more than tasteless and racist April Fool’s joke. You can be really proud of this. Not!’

Another replied: ‘This really is not a good April Fool’s joke, really disappointing you find something like this funny.’

Another said: ‘This is really on AfD-level. #racism’ (AfD is a far-right wing political party)

And then another responded: ‘One sec, where did I put it, I definitely had the right answer somewhere here… ah, there it is… DELETE YOURSELF.’

Dozens more commented their disapproval on the article, both on the website and on social media. did not respond in time for publication to the request from Gay Star News to comment.

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