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Many Americans disapprove of Trump’s LGBTI policies, poll finds

Written by gaytourism

Donald Trump in 2011 (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

A poll conducted by The Economist and polling organization YouGov found that many Americans disagree with President Trump’s policies regarding LGBTI people.

The poll was conducted between 25 March and 27 March and surveyed 1,500 American adults. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4 percentage points.

The Results

71% of respondents said they personally knew someone who is gay. Only 23% personally knew someone who is transgender.

31% of respondents said they strongly support letting trans people serve openly in the US military. However, 23% oppose it strongly.

Yet, 45% of respondents don’t think letting trans people serve in the military has made much difference in terms of military effectiveness. 35% strongly disapprove of Trump’s trans ban.

‘23% of American adults know someone who is transgender. Knowing someone increases support for transgender troops: by more than two to one, those who know a transgender person favor letting them serve,’ writes CBS News polling consultant Kathy Frankovic for the YouGov blog.

‘Democrats are twice as likely as Republicans to know someone who is transgender, though a large majority of Democrats – two in three – don’t know someone personally who has transitioned or is transitioning.’

‘Veterans and those 65 and older are among the least likely groups to know a transgender person (only 11% of veterans and 13% of those 65 and older say they do). Most of those with an opinion don’t think having transgender troops has any impact on military effectiveness. However, one in four say it has made effectiveness worse. That belief is especially true among those who make up the President’s base: Republicans and conservatives.’

‘There is relatively little difference between the general opinion about transgender troops and opinion about the President’s specific decision to ban them. The overall assessment of the President’s action is negative – except among Republicans.’

Anything else?

Overall, 43% of respondents claim to have a very unfavorable opinion of Donald Trump.

Aside from discussing the trans military ban, the poll also asked questions regarding America’s relationships with countries like China and Iran, the subject of gun control, the issue of fake news on social media, and other hot-button topics.

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