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License to Discriminate Passes in Georgia Senate

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The Georgia State Senate, by a vote of 35-19, advanced legislation that would allow taxpayer-funded adoption agencies to deny service to LGBTQ youth and families.

Equality Federation deputy director Fran Hutchins said, “As someone who was adopted myself I find it deeply insulting that a few politicians are putting LGBTQ youth and families at risk for discrimination. Every child deserves a loving family and place the call home.”

Jeff Graham, executive director at Equality Georgia, called SB 375 “mean spirited” and said, “This legislation goes out of its way to make it harder for loving and committed same-sex couples to start a family—and unfortunately, it’s children in need of permanent homes who will pay the steepest price.”

Equality Federation, along with child welfare advocates, businesses and thousands of individual Georgians, opposes this dangerous License to Discriminate.

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