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London’s 2017 Pride Prom allows LGBTI youth to be themselves

Written by gaytourism

Many high school proms can have elements of homophobia and heteronormativity, as we’ve discussed before. This can cause LGBTI-identified young people to feel like they don’t belong. Thankfully, various organizations host prom-like events for those young people who just want to feel a sense of camaraderie.

On 1 July, London’s Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre is hosting its third annual Pride Prom to coincide with Pride month. This year’s theme is Alice in Wonderland.

‘Pride Prom began as LGBT+ young people today face blocked opportunities to socialise and actively take part in the wider LGBT+ community, in a healthy and safe environment,’ a statement released by the Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre reads. ‘Pride Prom offers a platform for Greater London to come together to celebrate their diverse identities in the form of a prom.’

The event, for those age 18 and younger, will take place at the Pirate Castle, Camden Lock. It will feature a DJ, entertainment from LGBTI performers, a non-alcoholic bar, and desserts. The X Factor’s Bratavio will be hosting.

‘Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre’s Pride Prom made me feel free, open and to be myself. I danced the night away. It felt like I finally found people who accepted me for who I was,’ says Laura, who attended last year’s Pride Prom.

‘I strongly believe that a safe and welcoming environment is needed for LGBT+ young people,’ says Rafael Rosa, Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre’s Head of Events. ‘Young people overall and especially LGBT+ young people are constantly being ignored throughout many ordinary aspects of society.’

‘The events that we conduct aren’t only simply about having a party, they are about celebrating in diverse identities, sexualities and genders. Everyone is amazing and unique in their own way. It’s time to stop ignoring and start celebrating what people have referred to the elephant in the room. It’s time to be proud!’

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