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Love to travel? Invitation to the 2020/21 WTN New Year Party

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Bring your pots and pans! Share Hopes, Dreams, and Miracles!

The World Tourism Network in cooperation with eTurboNews is inviting travel industry professionals and anyone who loves to travel to a virtual hour of fun and saying goodbye to a terrible 2020.

100 years ago, the Spanish Flu was defeated. Tour guides from 8 countries will showcase and share their hopes, dreams, and miracles by saying hello to rebuilding the travel and tourism industry in 2021.

World Tourism Network is finishing an entire month of exciting launch events (See here: ) leading to this organization already busy in 124 member countries who will join in ringing in 2021.

Tourist guides are rising stronger and celebrating 35 years of the World Federation of Tourist Guides Association, organized by WTN Hero Maricar Donato of Washington Tours & Events.

Juergen Steinmetz, founder of the World Tourism Network and publisher of eTurboNews, says: ” I can’t wait? Join the party and let us leave 2020 behind together!”

Tour guides from Australia, Russia, Iran, Cyprus, South Africa, Costa Rica, and the United States of America are standing by to present.

Meet tourism leaders, including former UNWTO Secretary General Dr. Taleb Rifai, and join those that love travel.


Wednesday, December 30

  • 10.00 am HST |
  • 12.00 pm PST |
  • 3.00 pm EST |
  • 8.00 pm London |
  • 9.00 pm Frankfurt
  • 10.00 pm Johannesburg | Athens | Amman | Tel Aviv
  • 11.00 pm Dubai

Thursday, December 31:

  • 1.30 am Delhi
  • 3.00 am Bangkok |
  • 4.00 am Singapore |
  • 5.00 am Tokyo |
  • 7.00 am Sydney |
  • 9.00 am New Zealand

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More information on the World Tourism Network and to join?

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