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Male football fan crashes pitch to try and kiss Cristiano Ronaldo

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Straight football fan crashes pitch to try and kiss Cristiano Ronaldo

It turns out it’s not just gay guys who fancy a kiss from Cristiano Ronaldo – it’s straight football fans too.

Several guys crashed the pitch to try and get a smooch from the Portugal soccer icon.

Football fan kisses Cristiano Ronaldo

An international match between Portugal and the Netherlands on 26 March at Geneva’s Stade de Geneve was repeatedly interrupted by pitch-crashers.

One kissed Ronaldo on the cheek and took a selfie, while another hugged and kissed his chest.

Another fan also tried his luck but was apprehended by security.

The stadium’s lacking security then finally got the men off the pitch.

Overly eager fans are not the only issue Ronaldo faces while trying to perform on the pitch.

Targeted with homophobia

The soccer superstar is often the target of homophobic chants from fans at matches.

It follows reports that Ronaldo is dating Moroccan kickboxer Badh Hari after it was alleged the pair were ‘more than friends’. This was not proven in any way.


The Spanish LGBT Observatory has condemned the homophobic chants.

Francisco Ramirez, the director of the LGBT Observatory, said the acts are ‘deplorable’ and ‘shameful’.

‘For months the Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo has been the continued object of insults and malicious rumors from the tabloids, and also from sports journalists and amateur players to rival teams, in order to humiliate, offend and denigrate a great football player.

‘It is necessary to clarify that homophobia does not necessarily mean that people who suffer are homosexual, but only that other people believe it or use it to insult, harass and humiliate others.’

These unfounded claims have ignored the series of model girlfriends that Ronaldo has dated.

When asked if he was gay due to his love of ‘grooming’ himself a few years ago, he said: ‘I’m at ease with my sexuality so it’s not a problem for me’.

Watch the non-consensual kiss here:

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