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These sexy gaymers want to share their love of all things geeky

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New Gaymers group based in Mexico City. | Photo: supplied

A group of sexy gay gamers (or gaymers) in Mexico City want to share their love of everything geeky with the world.

The group of seven friends started an Instagram page called The Gaymers with profiles for each guy.

Consisting of Carlo, Roberto, Alex, Dario, Jorge, Luis and Edgar, the group – who are like family – hope to build their social media profile through shirtless snaps and sharing their experiences of games they love.

This also includes explainers on the release of upcoming games and live videos during important events such as the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

First and foremost, the group just wants to have fun with it all, says founding member Dario Naderi.

He told Gay Star News: ‘We always joke around. It is a way to bring all of us much closer than we currently are.’

Dario added: ‘We thought that it was a great idea to formalize our group due to our common interest in video games and also considering that we each have different personalities and skills.’

Each member of the group also likes different video games, anime and gaming consoles.

Carlo, for example, loves Sailor Moon. He loves it so much, he got the cast tattooed all over his arm as a full sleeve. He also poses with his favorite action figures on Instagram.

Carlo Villarreal posing with Sailor Jupiter in his underwear

Carlo Villarreal posing with Sailor Jupiter. | Photo: Carlo Villarreal / Instagram

‘We create funny and sexy content’

Dario said each of the gaymers brings their own personal perspective to gaming.

The group created a series of videos getting to know the gaymers, including their favorite video games, cartoons/animes and even their superpower.

Dario explained: ‘If you look carefully, you will notice that different objects and characters from video games, anime, series, and movies are displayed.

‘These objects and characters are the ones each one of the members cherish or like the most. For example, Roberto´s video displays R2D2 and the Star Wars main theme, he is a Star Wars fan,’ he said.

Group of Gaymers in their underwear from Mexico City

Group of Gaymers in Mexico City. | Photo: supplied

The group are working on creating their very own YouTube channel, as well as developing a Facebook page.

They’re targeting the LGBTI community, however, anyone who loves video games can join in the fun.

When asked if any of the members of the group are single, Dario said: ‘Two gaymers are in a relationship, but not with any other of the members. The seven of us are just friends and it is likely to stay that way. Although…’ he quickly cut himself off.

Within the next year, they plan to be social media influencers collaborating with brands and participating in events.

You can find these sexy gaymers on Instagram.

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Posted by Gay Star News on Friday, August 18, 2017

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