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Man charged with hate crime for his disturbing outburst at Delaware Pride

Written by gaytourism

Sean Wiley | Photo: Video/ABC6

A man from Delaware is being charged with a hate crime after causing a disturbance at a Pride event in the state.

Officers arrested Sean Wiley, 31, at the 11 August celebration after numerous witnesses saw him acting out. They first alerted the police when they found a 62-year-old man bleeding from the mouth.

Other authorities and investigators say Wiley was drunk and shouting slurs. He also allegedly ‘grabbed private body parts’ of a 31-year-old man and 46-year-old woman.

According to Dover police spokesman Mark Hoffman, Wiley tried to punch an officer, and was subsequently arrested.

Authorities initially charged Wiley with Offensive Touching (3 counts), Assault 3rd Degree, Menacing, Disorderly Conduct, Public Intoxication, Trespass 3rd Degree, and Resisting Arrest (felony).

As the investigation progressed, they added a hate crime charge. Wiley turned himself in a week ago (16 August).

Recently, he was released from the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center on bond.

H/t: ABC6

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