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Pink stopped performing mid-concert to hug a grieving fan

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Pink hugging her fan | Photo: YouTube/Access

Pink was in Brisbane, Australia on Monday (20 August) night for a stop on her Beautiful Trauma tour. During the concert, she shared a special moment with a fan in the audience.

14-year-old Leah Murphy attended the show with friends and family.

Her mother had a ticket to go as well — Pink’s music was one of the many things that bonded mother and daughter — but she passed away in June.

Murphy’s aunt, Katrina Donkin, went to the concert with her and brought a homemade sign. The sign read: ‘Hi, my name’s Leah. I’m 14 years old and I just lost my beautiful mum. I would love a hug.’

That’s exactly what Pink gave her.

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Donkin told ABC News she started waving the sign during a quiet moment of the concert. People around them also began waving signs and drawing attention.

‘She couldn’t read it, but someone handed her a little brochure about Leah and she read it out,’ Donkin recalled.

The crowds parted enough to let Murphy and her aunt get to the front row. That’s when Pink held Murphy for about 20 seconds or so, Donkin said.

‘And Leah’s only 14, she’s a teeny-tiny little thing and she just sobbed uncontrollably in her arms. Pink was just so genuine, she said, “Hey, don’t cry, everything’s going to be okay.”‘

A truly amazing moment

Murphy shared her selfie with Pink on Instagram.

Leah and Pink

Leah and Pink | Photo: Instagram @leah.m.m

She captioned the photo: ‘So this happened last night!!!!! @pink (don’t mind my face, I was crying ALOT)’

‘I haven’t seen her smile so much since. Her dad said he woke up feeling happy today, happier than he has been in a long time,’ Donkin further said about the impact of Pink’s kindness.

Incredibly, the special moment almost didn’t happen.

Donkin said she forgot the tickets at home.

‘I rang my neighbour, my neighbour broke into my house and got them and handed them to someone I know who works on the check-in desk at Qantas,’ she explained.

The tickets ended up with a captain flying to Brisbane, who then hand-delivered the envelope to Donkin. Talk about a special experience all-around.

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